Rubies and Silk by Aurelia Fray

March 11, 2016

Rubies and Silk is the latest installment in the The Tienimi Club Series by Aurelia Fray. If your looking for something to read over SPring Break, I highly recommend this series.



Powerful, beautiful, and in control of every aspect of her life, Milly Blake’s success comes 

from years of hard work, a drive to be better, and the absolute refusal to ever be humiliated again. 

Romance has always taken a backseat and, other than a longing to be reunited with the stranger 

who saved her, romantic relationships have always seemed too trivial for her tastes. Even Milly’s 

kinkier pursuits and extracurriculars have been nothing more than another grasp at control to 

appease her need for dominance. 


Ayron Winters is the only person in Milly’s life who sees her obsession with control as just 

another way of hiding the pain. After witnessing her break, he swore he’d returned to her, but for 

Milly to finally have it all, she has to learn to let go. And for Ayron, that might mean pushing her 




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About The Author:

Author of the Tienimi Club series, Aurelia Fray is the naughty Hyde side of a rather ordinary 

woman. Whenever her mistress lets her out to play, there are sure to be tales worth telling. 

She lives and works in London, England, enjoys all things artistic and spends most of her 

time buried in books or paint.


With a degree in English literature and a love of all things wordy it is no real surprise she 

adores penning salacious stories. She has won various short story and poetry competitions 

and suspects that her foray into erotic literature will be a titillating adventure for author and 

readers alike.


Follow Aurelia:








I cleaned myself up and tidied the room before returning to Milly. Knocking, just as I 

promised, I waited and then entered. Milly sat on the chaise in the exact same position she 

had  started  our  session  in.  It  was  a  disconcerting  echo,  one  that  made  me  distinctly 

unhappy. Was she telling me that she’d learned nothing from our time together? Was she 

showing  me  that  today  meant  nothing  to  her?  I  walked  over  to  face  her  and  knelt  in  a 

supplicant’s stance. That was what I was. A man offering supplication.


“I have a proposal,” I began without really knowing what to say next.

“Go on.”

“I  would  like  to  have  five  more  sessions  with  you  before  you  leave  the  island.”  I 

watched the light return to her eyes and was relieved to see her so receptive.

“All day sessions?”

“Preferably but I will settle for an afternoon or evening,” I offered quickly, not wanting 

to offer an arrangement she couldn’t fulfill. Flexibility would be my watchword with Milly. I 

needed to be constantly on my toes or risk losing the shred of progress we had made.

“Evenings I can do.”

“Fantastic. There is one more thing.”

“Yes?” Milly asked almost breathlessly, I eyed her carefully looking to gauge how she 

would  respond  to  my  next  request.  Too  late,  I  noticed  I  was  leaning  into  her,  my  groin 

pressed against the hem of her dress. She flushed and awaited my appeal.

“I would like to hold our sessions at a private residence not here at the club.” I knew I 

was being unfair to offer such a thing. It would make our time together even more intimate 

and affect her feelings of safety without the recording and DM watching, not that I intended 

to pursue any danger or kink play.

“I would like that. We can hold the sessions at my villa while my brothers are away,” 

she offered quickly.

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