Here Again

November 10, 2015


Once upon a time we danced in fields of heather, maypole ribbons in the air... 
I wore yellow flowers in my hair,
I think I remember the tune we hummed


You held me that night while I slept, drunk on dandelion wine 
Whispering softly into my ear that you were mine... 
I think I recall the promise that you made


The truths of ancient whispers in the night's thick wind 
Please forgive my parting my love, but this love has no end 
I still feel the sting of your tears on my face


Lifetimes have passed us like horses on a carousel 
You surprised me each time we meet, each time I fell 
I remember your smile


Each time as sweet as the last, a feeling of certainty mixed with denial 
Impossible circumstances, each time a trial 
I remember that you called it stubborn, while I called it determination


I know the rhythm of your heart's song, beating a melody with my own 
Hauntingly familiar, soothing the song 
I recall a childhood lullaby bringing me home


Finally your lips touched mine once more, with the tenderness of the morning dew 
Falling silently onto the morning glory to brighten her hue 
I remember your sweetness


Lifetimes of searching, loving, parting. It is our time again 
Do not despair when the winter brings us to the end 
I remember our parting


Spring will give chase to winter's torment 
A summer of rediscovering love and an autumn of growing content 
I remember the way my love, we will be here again.


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