Southern Men – The Real Alpha Males

I was born and raised in rural Florida—think down-home country, not Metro-Miami. I have a soft spot for honest to goodness Southern men. I don’t know if there’s something in the water, or it’s because these boys were raised by Southern women, but these men walk the line between perfect gentlemen and alpha males. Walk the line, get it? Johnny Cash?

Southern men know how to rock a pair of jeans. Whether they’re old and faded or crisp and new, jeans should fit a man’s backside like a second skin, not sag below the upper swell of the tush. Country boys know how to wear their jeans to show off their bits, without crushing the jewels. There’s a fine line between a hint of a bulge and the male equivalent to camel toe. Like any alpha male, they wear their confidence like a lazy smile. They have it, there’s no need to prove it.

Southern men aren’t afraid of strong women. In fact, they expect a woman to speak her mind and keep them in line. These boys love it when women can hold their whiskey, look good without makeup, and can bait a hook. Let’s face it, these boys have a wild streak. Only women secure in themselves and their relationships can handle this type of man.

Southern men clean up real good. They know when to put on a jacket and tie. Likewise, they enjoy the softer side of women. I believe they appreciate the way we smell, our soft skin, and gentle touch more because they’ve seen the Tomboy side. Contrasts are sexy. Contrasts in the same person are even sexier.

Chivalry isn’t dead, and good manners are alive and well in the South. Men open doors, pull out chairs, and say “please” and “thank you.” Southern men keep their women safe. They’ll make sure their women walk on the inside of the sidewalk, and keep an eye out for danger. Not that they think women can’t fend for themselves, but because they protect what is theirs.

Southern men know how to take charge in and out of the bedroom. They’ll listen to your opinions, but at the end of the day they will make up their own minds. They’ll let you be on top, but their rough hands will lock on and set the rhythm. These boys work hard, and they play just as hard. “Ladies first” takes on a whole new meaning in the South.

Southern men understand a woman’s need to spend time with her friends. Most will run for the hills rather than crash their women’s time with the girls. They were raised to believe that women are a mystery, and some puzzles shouldn’t be solved. Respect is a two-way street. Don’t complain about their boy’s nights and hunting trips, and they’ll never stray.

Southern men are the alpha males most women crave. They’re not the domineering yet sensitive, cocky yet troubled, billionaire yet born poor, romance novel clichés. They’re strong men who are confident enough in themselves to love strong women. If this is your type of dream man, you’ll enjoy the Tessa Lamar novels, “The Spirit Tree” and “Twelve Spirits of Christmas.” Bryson and Aaron are two distinctly Southern men who love the same woman.

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