New Must Read - Topaz and Tides!

Topaz and Tides

Book 3 The Tienimi Club Series

by Aurelia Fray

Release Date: 15th January 2016

Harry needs to hide. On the run from her abusive ex and intent on hiding wounds that have

scarred beyond what the eye can see, Harry swallows her pride and travels halfway around

the world to seek the aid of an old friend.

She needs help. She needs somewhere to keep her head down and pull herself together so

she can recover from the damage Donovan inflicted. But all of Harry’s expectations are

shattered the second she steps foot in Tienimi, the exclusive and private resort owned by

her friend.

Tienimi is not just a hideaway, it is a haven. A place where friends become saviors,

strangers become lovers, and dreams become realities.

The only problem is, for someone like Harry, dreams can be nightmares.


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Author of the Tienimi Club series, Aurelia Fray is the naughty Hyde side of a rather ordinary

woman. Whenever her mistress lets her out to play, there are sure to be tales worth telling.

She lives and works in London, England, enjoys all things artistic and spends most of her

time buried in books or paint.

With a degree in English literature and a love of all things wordy it is no real surprise she

adores penning salacious stories. She has won various short story and poetry competitions

and suspects that her foray into erotic literature will be a titillating adventure for author and

readers alike.

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Her mind darted back to Kal’s hands on her body. It felt so good. He felt so good. She couldn't remember the last time someone touched her to bring her pleasure. Even just the innocent kind.

Part of her regretted leaving the lesson so soon. She wondered what Kal would have done if she had just played dumb instead of jumping up in surprise. Would he have explored her? Would he have allowed her another kind of pleasure under his fingers? Was that what she even wanted?

Well, it was too late now anyway.

“Okay. What does that entail?”

“Let's waste some time. If we go back now she will know we didn't finish.” He blushed.

Harry did too at the double meaning. “The lesson I mean.”

“Of course.”

“So, first we take a day to ourselves. Then, when we go back to the villa—”

“Yeah?” Harry’s eyes diverted from the road to look at him.

“How do you feel about pretending we went through with it?”

“Oh. Uh…” Her eyes flicked back to the road. She stared doggedly out the windscreen with every muscle in her body tense and alert.

Kal backpedaled at her reaction. “We don’t have to. I don’t know. I just think it would be funny for this to backfire a little on Penny.”

“So we would have to act—”

“Intimate,” Kal finished. As soon as he said the word he looked nervous about it. Harry could bet that it wasn't just her answer he was anxious about.

“And that would entail?”

“Not too much PDA, just a few cuddles, hot looks, perhaps a secret smile, a run of your hand across my chest or mine across, shoulders.”

Harry giggled. He was always so cocky and confident with her but this was softer, a more nervous Kal. For the first time she realized he was probably just as shy as she was, only he hid it better behind his bravado. “I think we can pull that off. There's only one problem though, what do we do until seven?”

“Let's take another class, one that you might find more useful than tantric massage.” Kal directed her toward the gym down near the main club house and reception. Harry couldn’t help thinking that a tantric massage class sounded very useful, but decided to keep her thoughts to herself.

She liked Kal, but it wouldn't do either of them any good to get into something with each other. Not when she still had Donovan hovering over her life. She really needed to start planning what to do about him when she finally had to go home. Tienimi was an idyllic hideaway, but she couldn't really escape from reality. It hovered around the edges of every day like a haze of shadows and threats. As soon as she stepped foot out of this little bubble of paradise that hazy world would refocus and consume her. She needed a battle plan.

“Are you okay? I feel like I lost you there.”

“I'm good. Just thinking.”

“About him?”

“How did you guess?”

“Your face became dark. Do you want to talk about it?” His hand reached out as though to touch hers.

She clenched her fist around the shifter and Kal stopped. He pulled away.

“Not really. I will soon. I need to plan how I am going to handle going home.”

“You're not in any rush though are you?”

“I have to leave at some point.”

“Don’t think about that yet. You have so much more to see.”

Harry gave Kal a warm smile and pulled up to the gym. “So what's the plan?

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