Such amoral temptresses conjured my heart’s dysfunction The spells they cast upon you drew you near without protection Into their wicked arms, alarms aroused but could not waken Are you alive - are you aware that our promise has been taken? Broken not by lack of love, but in the morning it had been taken

Emotions are amorphous as the clouds within our sky Stretched above our endless fields of gray upon we used to lye To rediscover life, to let the lies proclaim their story Taking charge of outstretched hands – forever reaching for the glory Egotistical, you have a certain craving for my glory

Try to eulogize the demon who dictates your every thought In the presence of your phobia euphoria he sought Over every hill within you, drawing in what you had left Looking past all of his reasons – turning back upon his theft Close your eyes and turn back upon the reasons of his theft

#text #poetry

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