Mafia, mayhem, and madness!

You'll fall in love with these contemporary romantic comedies with a smidgen of suspense,

because everyone loves a bad boy trying to be a good man.    

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Absinthe Minded

Bourbon Street Bad Boys' Club (Book 1)


Gabe Marchionni, New Orleans’ most eligible bachelor, has a problem…


…and it’s wrapped in a pink blanket.


What in the heck is the reluctant new head of a mafia family supposed to do with an infant?


Simple. Go find the woman he dumped years ago and convince her to give him a second chance.


Maggie Guthrie is broke, exhausted, and raising her deceased sister’s kids. She’s also a reporter by day and desperately needs to get the scoop on one of the most illustrious families in the French Quarter, the Marchionnis…


…even if that means running into her ex.


Unfortunately, wishes do come true. When Gabe shows up on her doorstep with a newborn and a proposition she should refuse, Maggie knows better than to let him into her house…and into her life.


Especially when, falling for him again might cost her more than her heart.


You’ll love this romantic comedy with a smidgen of suspense, because everyone loves a bad boy trying to be a good man.

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Highball and Chain

Bourbon Street Bad Boys' Club (Book 2)


Enzo Marchionni is New Orleans’ hottest chef, the middle child in a mafia family, and the recipient of an unwanted gift…

…an arranged marriage.

How in the heck can he tie the knot with a spoiled mob princess when all he can think about is the woman he pushed away?

If Enzo were any other man, the answer would be simple—convince the girl of his dreams he deserves a second chance. However, it’s not that easy when following his heart could put himself, and everyone he loves, in danger.

Shanna Isaac is a wannabe private investigator, with a case load of cheating spouses, and a horrible track record with men. When her best friend asks her to be maid of honor, Shanna agrees…

…even if that means spending time with The Ghoster, the man who dumped her like a bad Tinder date, just when she started to believe in happily-ever-afters.

Unfortunately, every bad decision has consequences. It turns out Shanna and Enzo’s almost-relationship might have started a mob war. Her only hope is to accept protection from the one man who could destroy her.

If she can’t trust him with her heart. How in the heck can she trust him with her life?

Single Malt Drama

Bourbon Street Bad Boys' Club (Book 3)

Single Malt Drama


Marco Marchionni, New Orleans’ most infamous playboy, has one rule–never go on a second date.


Relax, it’s not as bad as it seems.


He never makes promises he can’t keep, and the ladies know the score. And before you say it, he’s not a commitment-phobe. He’s been in love with the same girl since he hit puberty. The problem is…


…she friend-zoned him about the time his voice changed.


Nicolina Lazio is a model, wannabe fashion designer, and a mafia princess. When she’s ordered to marry a man she doesn’t love, she’ll do anything to get out of it, including a daring escape from her ruthless father. The thing is…


…she’s going to need a little help from her best friend…who just so happens to be her future brother-in-law.


When Marco proposes a fake marriage to keep her father from forcing her down the aisle with his brother, Nico knows better than to say yes. After all, when the mob is involved even the best laid plans have a tendency to end in bloodshed.


Not to mention, the pretend commitment could cost her more than her heart.

Hot Momosa

Bourbon Street Bad Boys' Club (Book 4)


Gin and Trouble

Bourbon Street Bad Boys' Club (Book 5)


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