A Celtic Zodiac Shifters Book


Self-proclaimed science nerd and pharmaceutical botanist, Eilís Blair, finally landed her first field assignment, and not just any old research project—a year on Scotland’s Out Skerries studying plant life and ancient druidic healing practices. However, her nervous excitement is dampened when she’s seated beside a class-A jerk on her flight. Eilís is shocked when said jerk turns up on the same ferry as her and accuses her of stalking him!

Rock-star Harte Lawson has everything a man could want fame, fortune, and swarms of women he knows exactly how to satisfy. He also has a huge scaly secret—he’s a dragon-shifter. Once a year, under the moon of his birth sign, Harte returns to his ancestral home to guard the inhabitants of Draíochtia from outsiders. Especially ones claiming to be scientists.

Harte doesn’t know what to make of the woman who has his dragon rolling over and begging for belly rubs. Eilís is either a Hunter attempting to infiltrate his homeland or worse… his mate. One thing is for certain, he needs to put some distance between them and fast. When the woman falls into the North Sea, he has no choice but to break a sacred law and bring her across the magical boundary protecting Draíochtia. The druids will decide her fate…until then Harte must determine if she’s out to destroy his people or claim his heart.

Dragon Glass
A Zodiac Shifters Book: Scorpio
A shifter's mate is in the stars...

Lord of House Scorpio, Zale Argyris is a man who rules his people and his emotions. Few would guess that beneath his calm, cool exterior are wounds as deep as the ocean. After an encounter with a female dragon leaves him injured, he suspects the fates do in fact have a twisted sense of humor—the rogue dragon is his mate.


Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Mericela Christou has lived on borrowed time since childhood. When a man washes up on her beach, she’s caught between following doctor’s orders and spending one night behaving like a normal woman—not that normal women rescue sexy, castaway billionaires.


The tentative peace of the four dragon races is threatened when a new power rises…and Meri must decide between playing it safe or risking everything for her future—a future where she could lose more than her heart.



Melting Jack Frost small.jpg
Melting Jack Frost


Jack Frost, yes, that Jack Frost, missed his chance with Ginger when they were teenagers… But she’s returned to Holly Valley, and he’s determined to win her back. Can a cocky Winter Elf, a salty old wizard, and a food-motivated reindeer restore Ginger’s beliefs in Christmas and in love?

You'll fall in love with this Christmas novella, because everyone loves a hot elf fighting for a second chance.



Going Dark
Murder, lies, and passion bind them together. Duty and honor threaten to tear them apart.


After a lifetime of neglect and abuse, Trip Peyton joined the Marines the day she turned eighteen and didn't look back.

Nathaniel Benz has worked as the fixer in a local crime syndicate for the past ten years. Tired of cleaning up other people's messes, he plans to break and run.

When wounds, deep enough to drown in, threaten Trip’s career, she is forced back home to face the demons that have plagued her. The night she arrives, she reconnects with Nate, an old friend, and the heat between them in undeniable.

As Trip and Nate navigate the emotions neither wants to accept, Trip struggles to come to terms with her past and uncovers painful family secrets - secrets that tie her to the people she's working to bring down. Meanwhile, Nate is caught between his desire for Trip, his commitment to his boss, and his drive to escape a life of crime. 

When everything they believed in is a lie, there's nowhere to turn except to each other.



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